leeks gone wild!

I grew leeks for the first time last fall and didn’t harvest them before the seed heads formed about a month ago. I read they are too woody at that stage and I can leave them to flower.  If I do this, I’ll have many volunteers next year. Well that sounded good so I let them go.

The flower is gorgeous and attracts many beneficial bugs. Glad I left them in…

Apricots galore!

It’s apricot season and I’ve been picking lots! It’s unusual to get apricots here in Santa Fe (about every 7 years for me) as usually a late freeze comes in spring and freezes all the blossoms, but not this year!

I have a wonderful apricot jam recipe that has St. Germain’s liquor in it. St Germain’s is a liquor made out of elderberries and is delicious by itself but when added to apricot jam while cooking, it gives a wonderful floral nuance to the jam that is delicious. So I am excited to make more this year as I’m down to my last jar of apricot jam. The recipe can be found here.

Wow, what a fruit season it’s been so far-first mega strawberries, then thousands of cherries, now apricots and my neighbor has salmonberries now and coming up right behind will be raspberries and blackberries in another month and then apples in the fall.

AND we haven’t even gotten to the veggies being produced right now but that’s for another post!


Location change for BEE Class tomorrow!

Due to a snafu with SF Home Builders Assoc, we’ve had to move (at the last minute) the venue to the following location. Same time. Different place.

LOCATION: Jet Stream Energy
19 Plaza La Prensa, Santa Fe, NM 87507

DIRECTIONS: (you can also get the directions from google map if you prefer)

South on Cerrillos to Beckner – turn right. Follow service drive and turn right at The New Mexican.  Turn left at first stop sign. First business on right has solar satellite dishes – turn right into parking lot.

Abundant year for Cherries too! Check out this cherry pitter

My friend, Bob Z has an abundance of Bing cherries on his tree this year. I went by yesterday and helped pick some. Anybody who knows Bob, call him if you want to go pick cherries-pick some for yourself.

I took home 6 lbs of cherries. I use to use a cherry pitter that you did one at a time but a few years ago I got a new NORPRO Deluxe Cherry Pitter that makes it much easier and faster to pit cherries. It took less than 10 minutes to do 3 lbs! Above is a video of it in action.

Native Bee class

Here is a class that I’m going to bee at this coming Sunday and I can’t wait! We have more native bees than honeybees and need to encourage them to visit our gardens. I own one of these native bees houses and they really do attract them. Hope some of you can make it. There are still some spaces left for attendees. It’s sponsored through homegrownnmexico.org


Sunday, July 7th
12 noon to 2 pm

Get the Buzz on Native Bees!
Do you like melons, pumpkins, and squash? Well, you should thank the native bees! Honeybees might get the most attention, but native bees really are the major pollinators of food crops. Did you know that there are more than 500 species of native bees just in New Mexico alone? Do you know the differences between the native bee and the honeybee?

Come to the Native Bee class July 7 and learn all about these often overlooked pollinators. Bob Zimmerman, retired biology teacher, will show you how to provide a bee friendly yard for native bees and how to make a native bee house to encourage them to hang around your garden!

Instructors: Bob Zimmerman
Location: Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association building
2520-B Camino Entrada (next to Habitat ReStore on south side of building) • Santa Fe
Fee: $5 for members/$10 for non-member

Please sign up through Eventbrite below:

Eventbrite - Native Bee Houses

STRAWBERRIES-a bumper crop this year!

My strawberries are going nuts this year. This is the biggest crop I’ve ever had in 25 years! I think we’ve harvested about 6 GALLONS of them so far and still more to go. I think it’s because of all the moisture we had this winter and spring AND the Azomite mineral supplement I gave them last year. I’ve taken them to parties, given them to friends who froze some, and I’m am going to make some galettes and strawberry-balsamic jam with some of them and trading Bob’s cherries for some as well (I hope-are you listening Bob?)

Major project/Weed control

Last year’s major project in my garden was framing with wood my raised beds which was great as the beds don’t wash away when it rains now. This year, with all the weeds on steroids, I decided to do something about it. I’m sick of constantly weeding my paths around my raised beds. It takes the fun out of gardening. It is part of gardening that I hate especially in a bad year. Inside the beds are good with no weeds but the paths were horrible. Janine the WWOOFer actually weeded all the paths around the raised beds. So after the paths were weeded and cleaned up, I got landscape cloth (a 20 year guarantee heavy type) and cut to fit and put it all on the paths in 2 of my 3 sections. Each section is 1000 square feet. The last section will be done as well starting today. Then I put 3-4 inches wood chips that I had Spotted Owl here in Santa Fe deliver on top of the fabric. I know some people say the cloth doesn’t work but I had it down in my giant pumpkin patch some years ago for many years and it worked great. Any weeds that come from seeds dropped in the wood chips never get thru the fabric from the top and are easily pulled and nothing grows underneath in the darkness. So I’m hoping this greatly reduces my weeding. A lot of work to save a lot of work in weeding.