garden plans

I have a 3000′ main vegetable garden on my property that I have divided into 3 sections. This year the bulk of my tomatoes will be in section 3, with a few in section 1 and 2 as well for a total of 69 tomato plants plus other vegetables. I also have 18 determinate tomato plants in the greenhouse, 6 tomato plants in 3 raised beds closer to the house, 5 tomato plants at our studio, and 18 tomato plants at a satellite garden. Here is the MAIN VEGETABLE GARDEN for 2015-to see it LARGER (and more legible), GO TO:

I did these plans at I keep a big printed version in my garden shed to refer to throughout the season and make notes on.

For a complete list of all my veggies I am growing this year go to my ‘seed lists’ at the top of the menu.

2015 main garden plan

2015 main garden plan

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2 comments on “garden plans

  1. Todd Fong says:

    Looks great. Question: Are you planting in raised planter boxes?


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