garden films/photos

Here is my fall veggie garden tour for 2022

Here is the last fall harvest of 2022

2021 was a year of abundance in the garden as we had much needed rain from monsoons and almost everything thrived. Here is the fall garden tour that I filmed in September 2021.


Garlic scapes video-what are they, harvesting and what to do with them


Planting transplants of tomato plants in wall of waters


A short vignette of my garden entry area in July 2020


Here we fast forward to taking off the row covers revealing the tomato forest!


We found a 9.6 lb beet hiding under some leaves!


I walk around the garden showing the perennial fruit in my garden and what varieties do well here in Santa Fe, NM in Zone 6


2019 veggie garden aerial view


2013 Garden Pics

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My 2009 Vegetable Garden Tour—

Squash vine borer video—


SEEDBROADCAST.ORG — Jannine Cabossel shares her love of seeds, cooking and giant veggie growing


What to do with giant pumpkins-Fox News


Look what I found on you tube—It came from


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2 comments on “garden films/photos

  1. I was thinking yesterday (because I live in Albuquerque, and have a small back yard, with only a 4 x 10 foot garden – and I love to see the photos you’ve posted, now that I found your site) that it would be fun to watch your garden as it progresses. Maybe, if you think this might also be a fun project, you could take one photo per week, from the same spot, and at the end put them in a blog or something. Kind of like a time-lapse.


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