new garden arbor

new arbor entry into vegetable garden

I just finished building my new arbor entry into the vegetable garden. It is built with coyote fence posts attached to t-posts and 2″ x 4″ wire fencing. Coyote fence posts are made out of cedar and so are resistant to bugs. Settlers used to fence their livestock with this fencing material to keep out coyotes here in the Southwest. I will grow pole green beans called ‘Rattlesnake beans’ that can reach 13′ high. They are green with purple streaks and are said to taste very good. I imagine walking through  the arbor with green vines and beautiful beans all around me. In the background are my tomatoes in wall of waters and the strawberry patch.


Finally here are my garden plans for this year! I used a program from that is really fun to use and has all kind of useful info on it. It is free for 30 days and then if you like it, you can subscribe for a fee. I recommend it. I also saved this under my “pages” section so you can refer to it throughout the season instead of trying to find this entry later.


MAIN GARDEN-CLOSE UP OF LEFT HALF (you can read it better)

MAIN GARDEN-CLOSE UP OF RIGHT HALF (you can read it better)




Here is a picture of my largest pumpkin I grew last year. The picture on the sidebar is Hercules at 166 lbs and in this pic, Hercules actually got to 352 lbs which is the second largest pumpkin ever grown here in New Mexico. I thought you’d like to see it. This year I hope to grow a 500-600 lber with the knowledge I’ve gained and will share here on my blog as the growing season unfolds.


The gardens are under 8″ of new snow since I last wrote. It hasn’t melted yet and another storm is on the way. Ugh! I was done with winter even before winter solstice happened. Cold wet winter so far. Wet is good but being so cold gets to me. So for now I am getting ready for the next season by making a new garden shed out of my tack room in the barn, building storage shelves in it, ordering seeds, and dreaming of spring! I still must put in a second door in the shed so I have two entrances from both the new pumpkin patch and the regular veggie garden as they are on opposite sides of the barn. That way I can access the shed easily from either garden. The new pumpkin patch which will reside in my old corral, will be named ‘Bri’s Pumpkin Patch’ in honor of my horse that passed to the other side in October. A wonderful horse lost way too early in her life. A loss to all..

Getting beds ready

I started getting the beds ready in the fall by adding some amendments but couldn’t get to all of them because of the weather changing to snow. So yesterday as the weather was beautiful-50 degrees and the ground wasn’t frozen,  In my future giant pumpkin patch particulary where I will put the plants, I mixed up some compost, mushroom compost (small amount), horse manure (somewhat composted), Winterizer Yum Yum Mix, and pelleted gypsum which helps break up the soil and adds calcium which pumpkins so love and need. I still need to put some composted horse manure all over the patch but that will be another day.