The gardens are under 8″ of new snow since I last wrote. It hasn’t melted yet and another storm is on the way. Ugh! I was done with winter even before winter solstice happened. Cold wet winter so far. Wet is good but being so cold gets to me. So for now I am getting ready for the next season by making a new garden shed out of my tack room in the barn, building storage shelves in it, ordering seeds, and dreaming of spring! I still must put in a second door in the shed so I have two entrances from both the new pumpkin patch and the regular veggie garden as they are on opposite sides of the barn. That way I can access the shed easily from either garden. The new pumpkin patch which will reside in my old corral, will be named ‘Bri’s Pumpkin Patch’ in honor of my horse that passed to the other side in October. A wonderful horse lost way too early in her life. A loss to all..