2014 garden-then and now

long shot of garden

10 comments on “2014 garden-then and now

  1. LoVe LoVe LoVe this post!! Thanks for all of the pics. So exciting and looking forward to following your blog in 2015!! Happy New Year 🙂


  2. genes0504@gmail.com says:

    Hello Jannine,

    Happy New Year to you from Linda and I. Your images are great and clearly exhibit to me what can be done gardening here in the High Desert. I salute you and your skills here and left my greenhouse fallow this winter as I pursued building my deck/patio and also the custom frame for my camping trailer. Starting the new year I shall start to “mine” your site as i start to plan for next years’ gardening.I will be sending my soils to your recommended place in California. Two years ago they told me to suspend all soil enrichment and it will be interesting to see what the latest tests will reveal.

    You are an inspiration, and once again when i get started this Spring I look forward to gardening all year long with the greenhouses’ help starting this Spring.

    Happy New year,

    Gene and Linda


    • while I was putting the photos together last night, I was blown away with how the garden evolved from the beginning of the year to now. I can hardly believe I got soo much done and so many projects done this year. Hope your new gardening year is successful!


  3. Diane Lewis says:

    Beautiful pictures…and I love the “Tomato Whisperer” shirt. Happy New Year. Diane Lewis



  4. Laurie says:

    What an amazing farm you have. Terrific photos – they tell it all!


  5. Sherry says:

    All I can say is…………Wow I would love to be closer so I could come and see your place, love it. Happy New Year!


  6. I wish you a happy new year.The whole family read your blog.I thank you for that.


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