Tomato Lady of Santa Fe returns to the Farmers Market this Saturday August 25, 2012

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 25, I am returning to the Santa Fe Farmers Market as ‘The Tomato Lady’. At this time I have over 15 varieties of organically grown heirloom tomatoes from luscious black tomatoes like Purple Cherokee, supersweet yellow Virginia Sweets to Italian Red Costoluto Genevese and many, many more . I have over 50 plants and 25 varieties that will ripen as we go through the season. They are beautiful. They are gorgeous! And they taste wonderful! Magnifico!

I also have Shishito peppers, Costata Romanesco zucchini and Fairy eggplants that I will sell as well. Next week I will add some sunflowers out of my sunflower forest and Emerite French filet beans. I’ll be inside the building-look for ‘The Tomato Lady’ sign above my booth. Hours are 7am-noon. Hope to see you there!

3 comments on “Tomato Lady of Santa Fe returns to the Farmers Market this Saturday August 25, 2012

  1. John Marks says:

    Yeah baby!!!


  2. Elodie says:

    Yea! tomatoes!! Thanks for growing such wonderful food!


  3. Barbara says:

    Good luck! Your tomatoes are beautiful. The weather here in SF bay area has been so weak that my tomatoes are bland and peppers nonexistent. At the local grocery store yesterday (that has great local produce at affordable prices) the padron peppers were 8.49 lb. Left them here:) Next year will be different.


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