‘The Tomato Lady’-sold out

Today was a good day! First day back as The Tomato Lady’ at the Santa Fe Farmers market sold out. A great big thank you to all my patrons who waited for my tomatoes to ripen!  Many thanks! Only a handful of tomatoes and 1 zucchini left. Behind my table are some other vendors at their tables. See you next week!

2 comments on “‘The Tomato Lady’-sold out

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Congratulations Jannine,

    Despite my following your many suggestions my tomato plants, both outside and inside the greenhouse, are jungles of determinate and indeterminite plants with growth, but not a huge amount of tomatoes and virtually none of them are ripe except for some cherry tomatoes at this time.
    It would seem everyone else in my area has tomatoes in the same condition as mine. I do have a neighbor with bee hives and they state that for the second year in a row the bees have produced no honey.

    Thanks to your chitting process I followed I do have a nice crop of potato plants.

    Take Care,

    Gene and Linda


    • Hey at least you have some tomatoes unlike a lot of folk out there right now with that virus going around! I just talked to a farmer who lost 400 tomato plants to the virus this year.

      Despite my planting early and going to Farmers market yesterday, I too have many green tomatoes that I am waiting to get ripe. I can’t believe how many. I think the hot JULY really set them back as a lot of tomatoes won’t set their blossoms in over 90 degree weather and that was most of July. Also not sure if you’ve had more rain but that will increase the size of the plants. Hope you are not fertilizing lots as that will make them huge but not much fruit. Weird year.


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