lettuce bowl ready to eat!

Here is the inside lettuce bowl I started on April 4th-now 32 days later.

Lettuce bowl 32 days later on May 16

The outside lettuce patch is looking real good too. Peas aren’t flowering yet and cauliflower is still little but arugula and lettuces are ready for a real salad! Chickens won’t get these anymore. Looks like  I won’t have to buy greens for awhile. Gonna make me a salad tonight!

lettuce patch May 16

One comment on “lettuce bowl ready to eat!

  1. Lexi says:

    You are amazing. I found this entry by happen-chance when googling “growing mesclun lettuce.” I must say, after looking through pictures of your plants and gardens I’m totally floored. You’ve truly got a gift.

    I’m in the process of growing my first ever raised bed vegetable garden and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I at least I know now where I’ll be looking for advice. Thank you for bestowing your invaluable gardening knowledge upon us mere mortals!!


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