All Star giant tomato lineup ready to plant!

Well here are my all star giant tomatoes that are going out as soon as I harden them off in the next few days now that the nights are finally in the high 40’s. They were out for about 45 minutes today in the sun and breeze today and that was enough for them. I brought them in and watered them with some organic seaweed and superthrive while they are going through the transition to help reduce stress. Maybe I should drink the stuff to reduce my stress (just joking)!

giant tomatoe plants ready to plant!

I have in my lineup for giant tomatoes (6) Big Zacs (seeds from Totally Tomatoes), (1) N. Harp (that came from a 4lb+ tomato), (2) N. Harps (that came from a 5lb+ tomato), and (3) N. Harps (that came from 7lb+ tomato)!  Nick Harp is a phenomenal giant tomato and giant pumpkin grower in the midwest that was kind enough to supply me a few of his seeds. Thanks Nick! I can’t wait to see what these will do this year!

3 comments on “All Star giant tomato lineup ready to plant!

  1. Pat H says:


    Wow! Your website is awesome! Thanks for sharing your garden and all your knowledge on gardening with us. Guess we are pretty lucky to be able to watch your garden grow on a daily basis. We’ve much to learn from you. Good luck with the tomatoes and we hope you get that giant pumpkin you are hoping for.


  2. Jan Lustig says:

    Jannine, you are quite the awesome one. !!!!!!


  3. Frances says:

    I have good news!!! I have 1 green gage plum that has (so far) survived the frost and wind….WOOHOO. Hugs, Fran


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