More winter greens go in the cold frame

Well I got some more winter greens to plant from ‘The Veggie Man’ from the Santa Fe Farmers Market on Saturday. My good friend Lava, told me she saw him there selling veggie starts and found out where he has his greenhouse and we went over there and picked some up. I got Argula, Endive, Blue Kale, and Baby Bok Choy and Parsley. I will plant them on Wednesday in my Cold Frame (where I already have Swiss Chard, Oakleaf Lettuce and Spinach growing), weather permitting. We are suppose to get cold again on Wednesday so we will see if I or the plants can stand it.

Cold Frame Winter Gardening

Growing Spinach and Lettuce in a Cold Frame in December

Checked my cold frame today and my winter greens are coming along. I’m growing spinach in foreground, and oakleaf lettuce behind it and behind the lettuce is some little Swiss chard transplants and a few onions from the summer garden. There is not much to do except give them a little water when the soil dries out which is about once every week. I haven’t been paying much attention to them. I’m not the best winter gardener. I don’t always open up the cold frame in the day or shut it down completely at night. It’s interesting to see how much neglect they can take and still produce in winter but it is nice to see something green.