Cold Frame Winter Gardening

Growing Spinach and Lettuce in a Cold Frame in December

Checked my cold frame today and my winter greens are coming along. I’m growing spinach in foreground, and oakleaf lettuce behind it and behind the lettuce is some little Swiss chard transplants and a few onions from the summer garden. There is not much to do except give them a little water when the soil dries out which is about once every week. I haven’t been paying much attention to them. I’m not the best winter gardener. I don’t always open up the cold frame in the day or shut it down completely at night. It’s interesting to see how much neglect they can take and still produce in winter but it is nice to see something green.

One comment on “Cold Frame Winter Gardening

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hi Jannine,
    I note your growth with a cold frame and am realizing I could probably start now in my GH in Las Vegas. There is still a lot of items I want to get finished there before planting and I have arbitrarily chosen Feb. 15, 1/4 of the year before our last frost date. I am hoping to learn enough to keep on gardening in the greenhouse, without outside heat, continuously from that point.

    You obviously grow many tomatoes. I have heard negatives with regard to growing them inside in a greenhouse. I’ve plenty of room and certainly could plant them outside and make a raised bed for them. What is your insight on this matter?


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