Cold Weather AGAIN!

Here we go again! Cold nights! This morning was 32°F at the house. All of us who patiently waited for the magical date of May 15th to plant vegetables have been foiled again! Looks like it’s going to be cold AGAIN tonight in the high 30’s again. Of course tomorrow and thereafter the nights are suppose to be in the 40s again. Weird weather!

More cold weather coming

Better tie yourself to a tree!!!

I knew it was too good to be true.

I’ve lived here for 16 years now and you can’t fool me anymore. Just when you think we’re home free from the cold weather, Bamm! We get another cold front. When you say? On the weekend of course! Cold on Saturday and COLDER ON SUNDAY: 46° F for a high and 28°F for a low. Oh yea and lots of wind coming too. Big wind! 60 mph! Better tie yourself to a tree! Think I’ll go to the movies..


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A break in the storm-views from the house

Well, it rained a little last night and a little today and boy we sure need it. Ahhh! It smells so good. I opened the windows to breathe it in!  We haven’t had rain for 60 days and it is dry, dry, dry. We are starved for moisture here in the Southwest while the Northwest has been getting soaked. That’s La Nina for you. The jet stream goes north and the storms miss us here in Santa Fe.

La Nina “continues to weaken,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said and neutral conditions for the U.S. are in sight by the end of June.

“As La Nina continues to wane, we can expect that rainfall over the drought regions of the southern U.S. will gradually return to normal levels by mid-summer,” said Jeff Masters, a meteorologist and co-founder of Weather Underground.

I sure hope these forecasts of La Nina breaking down are true so we can get more rain, otherwise we will have a tough summer gardenwise and waterwise…

Wind chill on December 31, 2010

Temperature-14° on December 31, 2010 at 12pm noon

Here it is, the last day of the year and the outside temperature is 14° F (-10°C) at 12 NOON! We are having a bitter cold snap here in Santa Fe and that doesn’t include the wind chill factor. What is wind chill? It is a measure of how cold the atmosphere feels, taking not just actual temperature into account, but also wind, which can make the air considerably colder. So I was curious (as I always am) and found a wind chill calculator on line to see what the wind chill temperature was. Image my surprise when it said -3.2° F! (That’s -19.6° C)  Now I can figure out the real temperature when I go feed the barn animals and dread it more for them and me!  You can figure out how cold it is wherever you live too. I always get a little antsy about this time of year to get planting and then I go outside for a reality check. I think it’s a good day to stay home and go through the seed catalogs coming in and dream of what will be…