El Nino is here! Beautiful rain!!

El Nino Pattern

Looks like El Nino is back! After having his evil little sister here (La Nina) for the last 2 years, it looks like she is finally gone. La Nina weather pattern in New Mexico basically mean we have droughts while El Nino weather pattern means we get our normal or above normal precipitation in the form of the monsoon rains in the summer and snow in the winter-much needed moisture after 2 years of an extreme drought. All this because the jet stream which has been missing us and going above New Mexico will be coming back down and bringing storms and moisture to us. Hallelujah!

So I was happy today being stuck inside from 10am -4pm with this FANTASTIC RAIN!! And it looks like it’s not over for today. Incredible! It poured! Incredible! Rained almost continuously! Fantastic! We have been so parched here in Santa Fe greater area that this was truly a blessing from the universe that we desperately need.

Looks like I’ll turn off the drip systems for a few days! YEA! To read more on the El Nino, go to Chance of El Nino Conditions Just Went Up


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A break in the storm-views from the house

Well, it rained a little last night and a little today and boy we sure need it. Ahhh! It smells so good. I opened the windows to breathe it in!  We haven’t had rain for 60 days and it is dry, dry, dry. We are starved for moisture here in the Southwest while the Northwest has been getting soaked. That’s La Nina for you. The jet stream goes north and the storms miss us here in Santa Fe.

La Nina “continues to weaken,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said and neutral conditions for the U.S. are in sight by the end of June.

“As La Nina continues to wane, we can expect that rainfall over the drought regions of the southern U.S. will gradually return to normal levels by mid-summer,” said Jeff Masters, a meteorologist and co-founder of Weather Underground.

I sure hope these forecasts of La Nina breaking down are true so we can get more rain, otherwise we will have a tough summer gardenwise and waterwise…

Still Time to Order Seeds if You Haven’t Already

Still time to order seeds if you haven’t already. I need to order my seeds Monday, now that I’m home from the show so I get them in time to plant in March. Probably most of you have already order your seeds. I only need to order a few as I still have many seeds that I will regrow this year. It feels late but it is what it is. Last year I started the seeds the first week of March. Because it was such a cold spring, I couldn’t get them out till late May and even June last year They got too tall in the house, but what was I to do? Stick them out in 27°F weather? I’m still going to plant seeds from March 1 -15,  inside, under the lights and hope with this La Nina we have that all of us will be able to sneak out some of our warm season crops early—think April 15th! It’s always a crap shoot when trying to decide when to plant seeds but I’m going early! Bring out the gro lights! (I hear, “oh no” in the background!) I do have ‘plant envy’ for those of you have greenhouses or hoophouses!