Are the monsoons here early?

Are the monsoons here early? Historically, in my 28 years here in Santa Fe, the monsoons have traditionally started after July 4th weekend thru the second week of July. But last year and this year the weather people are saying it comes in around June 15th. Did things change? If so, I’m a happy camper cause we really need the moisture.


Plus I can take off the row covers off my tomato cages as the dreaded beet leafhopper should be leaving soon. But I don’t do that with the first rain which we got here yesterday. I wait a few days-like maybe after this weekend if the weather pattern holds up. We got .4″ of rain which is great. 

So if the monsoon pattern doesn’t peter out, and we get a little rain for next week and the monsoon pattern holds, I will be taking the row covers off my tomato plants. I haven’t seen my tomatoes since late May. Row cover is put completely around and over the cages to keep the beet leafhopper from physically getting to the tomato plants and biting the plant-no insecticides work. They transmit a fatal virus-Curly Top Virus (CTV) to tomatoes. One extra step we have to go through to get tomatoes out here in the southwest. The bug either gets suppressed or leaves town when the rains come as it prefers dry, hot windy conditions which we’ve had. Who knows? Maybe they will move to Texas.


Also with the rain, the temperatures should come down and blossom drop will stop too. Tomato blossom drop occurs at 92°F + when it  gets too hot for the plant to set fruit. So if you’ve seen blossoms dropping don’t worry-your tomatoes will continue to make blossoms the whole season. But after it sets fruit, higher temperatures are ok. It’s just during higher heat when they are self-pollinating that they drop their blossoms. They need below 92°F to set the fruit. Another bonus. Ah rain!


5 comments on “Are the monsoons here early?

  1. Janine Cohen says:

    Spectacular cloud photo!!


  2. Lynn Hathaway says:

    Jannine, I must have been holding my breath for months, because each time it rains I breathe more deeply- what a huge relief!

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  3. Gene Solyntjes says:

    Yup, with the fires all around and watering twice a day already for green house and gardens, this rain which arrived yesterday is great. With water catchment from our roof the tanks went dry two weeks ago and we have been hauling water, so this is a joyous occasion indeed. The longest monsoon season in the entire history of New Mexico would suit me just fine!


  4. tonytomeo says:

    That humidity was weird! I thought that it was just here, but then found that it happened down south as well. Ick! It was not unusually warm, but it seemed as if it was with all the humidity.


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