Garden starting to wind down

I noticed this week, the garden is starting to wind down except for the tomatoes which are still kicking ass.

The raspberries, grapes and blackberries will continue being harvested this month as well.

The potato leaves are starting to yellow which is a sign that once they (almost) die, they will be ready to harvest. I’m thinking 2-3 more weeks before they are ready.

The green beans are basically done and the dry beans leaves are yellowing and the pods are starting to dry out on the vines. Once they are dry, I will pick them all and store them until winter when I will shell the dry beans inside on a winter nite. Too busy right now with harvesting tomatoes!

The poblanos, Jimmy Nardello, Espellette and Lava Red peppers are continuing to ripen and I’m harvesting them as they ripen. The cucumbers are starting to slow down.

The Butternut winter squash are starting to turn color to their tan color but will be several more weeks. The summer squash harvest is bonkers. Looking for victims and new ways to use them!

The onions can get a little bigger before harvesting.

The cauliflowers an beets are harvested, while the kale and chards are loving the cool weather.

My garlic and shallots that were planted last October were harvested in June.

7 comments on “Garden starting to wind down

  1. Lisa says:

    Hello. What variety of grapes do you have planted?


  2. tonytomeo says:

    We got so many grapes this year, but they ALL disappeared within a week! No one knows who ate them, but they are gone. They were not the best anyway. Big grapes do not develop well without consistently warm weather. Although it can get warm here, it gets cool at night.


  3. Ashley-Veronika Zappe says:

    Very helpful info on timing! Does this mean the chard, spinach, and other greens that are only 2 inches tall don’t have a chance? I think I missed a week fertilizing them and they stopped growing and now it feels like it’s too late….


    • No they might make it. I say maybe because I don’t know how you intend to protect them as it gets colder. They should continue to grow throughout Sept and October although slowly until around Thanksgiving when everything stops growing with less than 10 hours of daylight, but will not necessarily die. They just sit there and if they make it, they will start growing again around Jan 15th which would give you an early crop! This period with less daylight is called the Persephone period. You will need to keep them covered at night with row cover to give them a chance once the nites are cold as in freezing. Chard, spinach, and the other greens don’t mind it cold but with row cover to protect them at nite, I have had spinach and kale last the longest. Don’t forget to water, although as it gets colder, less frequent. Good luck! FYI-you are ahead of me!


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