Snow photos from December 5

view of front yard from house

view of front yard from house

Looks like we are off the hook for watering our trees for December due to a big storm that came in this week and dumped 10-11 inches. Very beautiful. They say another one is on the way for Sunday. And if the ground froze around the trees don’t bother to water them until it thaws as it has been very cold and another storm is due in tomorrow. Here are some snow photos around the property.

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4 comments on “Snow photos from December 5

  1. Teresa Toole says:

    Oh…what joy! Beautiful pictures! You have kept me wanting to continue my struggle to grow food on my Abiquiu mesa against all my frustrations! I am from Seattle and have so much more humbling to go through before learning enough to keep much alive. Because of attending your tomato class, I was able to have a pretty good crop of them at least! Words cannot do the job, but please accept my gratitude for what you do. THANKYOU!!! Have a wonderful holiday season.


    • Wow, I’m honored by your words. Thank you. I originally grew up in Phoenix where it is hard to grow anything in the summer and then the desert gets too cold at night in the winter. Then I moved to San Diego after college where everything does grow and easily-I once had tomatoes in February. After moving to New Mexico and Santa Fe, it was another rude shock to the gardener in me. As you say, what a humbling experience. I totally relate to your frustrations which is why share what I have learned. Just keep at it, improve your soil every year and you will do better and better every each year as you figure out which crops do well here. Happy Holidays to you too!


  2. Tim Doebler says:

    Love the rosemary shrouded in snow. Didn’t realize it was so hardy. Do you have to replant it each year or does it come through the winter for you at our altitude (zone).


    • Actually it isn’t that hardy in our temps (Zone 6) but there is one variety called ‘Aarp’ that usually does ok here-especially if planted next to the house on a South wall as that one is in the pic. Sometimes though if we have a really hard winter, we have to replant. All other varieties usually don’t make it here.


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