It took a village to build my greenhouse!

final greenhouse

I haven’t posted much about the greenhouse I’ve been building but now that it is basically done (I still have a few more things to do) I want to share the greenhouse raising from the ground up and give thanks to those who contributed with their time, labor and knowledge. It has truly taken a village to build it! It all started in January of 2010 and has taken 3 years to complete it. Many, many thanks to the following people:

First, thanks to Caleb for coming out in January 2010 and jackhammering the holes out to set the posts. I was hoping to get it done back them by spring of 2010 so I wanted to get an early start-what a dreamer I was… 3 years passed because of everyone being sooo busy with other things (including me) and then this year in 2013 the magic happened.

Thanks Lava for helping me make it gopher proof, mouse proof, putting down the weed cloth, unloading the gravel for the floor and much more I’m sure I forgot about. Thanks Jacob, (Lava’s son) who generously put in 2 days of work on it when he was here visiting his mom earlier this year.

Thanks Elodie for helping in various tasks including putting the headers up in the framing, window framing, gopher proofing the raised beds, putting the sink in and much more as well.

And a big thanks to Tom Rivers. Without him I still would be at the beginning stages. What can I say about Tom? He is a great friend who came over week after week every Friday on his day off this year and with his constructions skills actually made it happen. Together we were able to build it or I should say I helped him build it. Both him and I are a lot alike-we became obsessive about building it, like dogs with their bones and we wouldn’t let go of it till it was completed. Truly a labor of love. Thank you thank you Tom!

I am now putting on the finishing touches and buttoning it up for winter to see how warm I can get it inside at night using passive methods-more on that later…But for now here is a pictorial on building it.

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11 comments on “It took a village to build my greenhouse!

  1. Tim Doebler says:

    Very nice greenhouse. Look forward to hearing about effectiveness of passive heating.


  2. Jill Foster says:

    Jannine, it looks wonderful! Have fun.


  3. headinthegarden says:

    This look fantastic. It’s so inviting! Everything that is great, takes time! Great job.


  4. John Marks says:

    Additional guest housing – a really nice summer house Jannine!


  5. Diane Lewis says:

    Your greenhouse looks fabulous. Are you going to grow tomatoes in them?

    Diane Lewis



  6. gene solyntjes says:

    Congratulations Jannine,
    I wouldn’t worry about the time it took to complete the structure. If you had hurried and just thrown it together, you would be forever rebuilding it in the future. Its much better to do it right the first time!
    I look forward to your challenges in growing tomatoes in your greenhouse and getting a really substantial jump on planting them outside. With your skills and knowledge I know you can pull this off!

    Gene and Linda


    • Thanks Gene. it’s all very exciting right now. So now I’m buttoning it down to see how warm I can keep it in the winter. Just put plastic on both sides of my screens to help trap warm air, going to put bubble wrap on all the windows and ceiling, and i got some compost going inside to see if it will give off some heat to keep it above freezing at nights. Plenty warm in the day when the sun shines.

      Then I get to try to get it cooler in the summer! Never ends!


  7. Cindy Hoffman says:

    I like the fact that it is painted green, like in a “green house”. Beyond cool!


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