Lookee What I Found!

Yesterday I found all kinds of things!  Now I’m not the greatest at putting my tools away after I’m done with them. In fact it’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for anyone to see where I’ve been. So I decided to walk around the gardens here at the house before the Arctic Blast comes in this weekend to see what tools I could still find outside. I wanted to do #9 in my earlier post of 10 Things to Do for December’.

found _lopers

First I found one of my lopers (my best one) hanging on a chair on the deck—and it was in plain sight. I’ve must have walked by it a hundred times and never saw it before!

found _leaf rakeI was wondering where that leaf rake went! Here it is leaning on the arbor in the shadows!

found_rake and apple pickerAnd on the other side of the arbor is a fence and I found an extension cord,  mini leaf rake and apple picker leaning on it (what’s that apple picker doing there? There are no apple trees up by the house!)

found_coffee cupAnd lookee what else I found! My favorite coffee cup still filled with coffee!  Yes that is a cup (the handle is on the other side). I was wondering where I left it cause it’s been MIA for a while. That will be fun to scrub out!

found_sawAnd then when I went to the shop I found the circular saw that I had at the house that mysteriously disappeared.  I took it back to the house so I can finish the greenhouse!

7 comments on “Lookee What I Found!

  1. Jill Foster says:

    Ah, the thing I lose the most are dust pans. I seem to lose at least 2 a year and have never found them again. Now I do lose them at other places I work…. not my own yard but I would think all the neighbors of the places I work would have more than enough by now.


  2. Fran says:

    Holy mongolia…you hit the mother load!


  3. Tim Doebler says:

    Well this is encouraging………………..maybe I will find my favorite pruning shears that seem to have gone missing.


  4. I love it when I find my favorites coffee cups 🙂 A few weeks back, my son came in from the bus and handed my a treasured mug (he made it) and said, “Mom, your cup.”


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