How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

Ron Wallace set a new 2013 Giant Pumpkin World Record with this 2009 lb pumpkin!

Ron Wallace set a new 2013 Giant Pumpkin World Record with this 2009 lb pumpkin!

Yesterday I taught a class on How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin and told them I would put the full color version in a pdf format on-line for them to use. I discussed all the basic information on growing a giant pumpkin from picking a seed to hand pollination to determining the direction the vine will grow to positioning the baby pumpkin as it grows to harvesting it and much more. Here is the handout for those interested:  GROWING GIANT PUMPKINS with PICS

Here is a photo showing how to determine what direction the pumpkin plant will grow so you can be sure it grows in the direction you want (like not into a fence or wall)!

pumpkin vine direction

Below is a drawing showing how a giant pumpkin vine will naturally grow into a ‘Christmas Tree’ pattern with the longest secondary vines closest to the beginning of where the plant comes out of the ground (called the stump) and how they grow shorter and shorter as they grow towards the end of the main vine.

Pumpkin Christmas tree pattern


5 comments on “How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

  1. Christy H says:

    How awesome! Your handout is great. will refer growers to that page. Gotta love that Wallace 2009; what a beauty! Looks just like her mama! 😉


  2. catherine kostelec says:

    Great class-I learned things I can apply to all my vegetable growing! Thank you


  3. Reblogged this on Home Grown New Mexico and commented:
    Here are Jannine’s thoughts on growing your giant pumpkin. Great class with 20 people on Saturday. We planted one in the Earth Care Community Garden. Hope the summer camp kids get to see a pumpkin start in July.




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