44 tomatoes planted today!

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Phew! What a day. Three of my friends came over this morning and all together we planted 44 tomato plants from 8:30-12:30! What a bunch of busy beavers! Janet started out the morning before the others came and screened all my vermicompost and filled three-5 gallon containers. Then Lava showed up and Janet and her put in all my amendments in each hole (I had previously dug out most of the holes and Bob Z came by yesterday and finished digging them for me-another great friend)! Then today, I could barely keep ahead of the girls, me setting out plants, making sure each plant had a drip to it, name tags, map of all the tomatoes, providing stakes and wall of waters while Lava planted them and Mernie and Janet followed up behind putting the wall of waters on all of them. Then we all had other things to do and off we all went.  A wonderful day to plant- not too windy and not too hot-it was overcast! A huge thanks to Lava, Mernie and Janet for helping me today and to Bob for helping me yesterday-would of taken me days to get that far. It takes a village to do this much! Mucho gracias!

10 comments on “44 tomatoes planted today!

  1. sophiefrancoise says:

    Bravo to you and to your stalwart friends! It takes a village…sure does…!


  2. I headed out to dig my holes today — I have some great “babied” compost for the planting holes. How deep do you dig your holes?


    • Well it depends on the depth you can dig! I try to dig down about 10-12 inches or deeper if you have that luxury. Then I add the amendments and plant the tomatoes as deep as I can, pinching off any leaves that will be in the ground. The roots will grow off the stem wherever it is underground making the tomato roots really big which helps make for a strong plant.


      • This year my tomatoes and peppers are doing so well waiting to go outside. I’ve been taking them out for the day now for a few weeks & they are almost 15 inches tall. Usually I dig only about 8 inches and leave just the very top cluster of leaves out of the ground. This year, though, my plants are much bigger & the stems are very strong. Apparently, I did something right. I got 50 cabbage and broccoli out before our first rain storm of the year yesterday. I want to finish those first, and then tomatoes. I might wait another week for the peppers.


      • RAIN?!! Someone said rain?? What’s that?


      • I know, right 🙂 We got a nice one today. Wish now that I had gotten everything in yesterday, but at least the ground will not be bone dry when I do. I saw a puddle in the end of my driveway when I turned the light out tonight – ’bout time. Normally up here we get a ton of rain in May — of course, it is normally freezing every night, also. So, weird weather for sure. But the cabbage look nice tonight.


  3. Sam says:

    Hi there- My name is Sam and I’m an organic farmworker from Vermont. I was wondering about what types of work opportunities (minimal or little pay) you had in your area. Thanks in advance for the info! Sam


  4. how do you want me to grow up such tomatoes.


    • Hi-
      I don’t think you have the plastic ‘wall of waters’ in Russia, but I may be wrong. They heat up in the day and give off that heat at night when the nights are cold in spring. I will take them off the tomatoes once they reach the top of the wall of waters. Tomatoes love heat and these help where springs are cold.


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