10 Things to Do in January

Now that the gardening season has slowed down to a snails’ crawl, put your feet up by the fireplace, drink a hot mug of chocolate and relax! You deserve it! But for those of us who like to stay busy, here are 10 things gardeners can do in January.

1. Reflect on what you did in the garden last year-what worked, what didn’t and what you might do differently this year.

2. Get those new seed catalogs and start planning next season’s garden.

3. On a warm day tidy up your garden shed or tool area.

4. Sharpen and oil tools. Sand rough handles and oil them too.

5. Sort and organize seeds you’ve collected and older seed packets/ Get new seeds for packets over 3 years old.

6. Catch up on all the gardening magazines you have lying around.

7. If we get snow, shovel it off the pathways and put on your trees nearby-they will love the extra moisture.

8. If we don’t get snow, water your garden on a warm day.

9. Empty the hoses out so they will be ready for the next watering.

10. Prune and shape fruit trees-cut off those waterspouts now that the trees are sleeping.

And don’t forget to feed and give water to the birds.
Can you think of more things?  I’m sure I’ve missed many things we could do and would enjoy hearing what you will be doing this January.

2 comments on “10 Things to Do in January

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Janinne,
    Thanks for this latest email, but especially for the ones which directly proceeded this one. The Julia Child episode detailing how to prepare both peas and carrots should be an absolute “must see” item fo any serious vegetable gardener. Ms. Childs’ advice on cooking these items was something I have never been exposed to before and, absolutely, I will be planting more beans next year. I know you do not like carrots but please try them the way Ms. Child suggested and you might change your atitude.

    With regard to watering your trees in the winter, especially if you have planted some in the last theree years; make sure they receive some moisture every single month of the winter. They will be ready to start growth earlier and more vigorously in the Spring. This fact was pointed out to me last winter by Dr. Peter Skelton who runs the greenhouse for the Las Vegas school system. I folowed his advice and watered trhe apple trees in winter I planted a few years ago. I then watered them every day for three weeks in the Spring and he could not believe the growth they attained just this last year in checking their new growth nodes.

    Happy New Year,

    Gene S.


    • Thanks Gene! I think I will put the info on watering trees in winter in a ’10 things to do’ post each month so people will continue watering even though we aren’t out as much in our gardens.. Happy New Year Gene!


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