Santa Fe Master Gardeners Garden Fair Today!

Today-Saturday, April 28-Santa Fe Master Gardener Annual Garden Fair 10AM-4PM at the Rodeo Grounds

This is our giant garden fair blowout we put on once a year and it is FABULOUS!  If you are a gardener and have never come to this-you have missed out!  You want to learn how to plant stuff in Santa Fe-Come here! Want to learn how to compost-Come here! Want lots of gardening information-Come here! AND IT IS FREE!

It’s held at the Rodeo Fairgrounds here in Santa Fe from 10 AM – 4 PM and will feature a giant plant sale with really good prices and a ‘garden shed’ with lots of gardening goodies for sale.

We will also have demonstrations on: How to Build a Rain Barrel, Composting, Vermi-Composting, Creating Herb Gardens, How to Do Drip Irrigation Systems and Creating a Wildflower Meadow.

AND we have wonderful guest speakers,  Tracy Neal-Landscape Designer, Jim Brooks-from Soilutions, and our main speaker, David Salman from Santa Fe Greenhouses.

The many non-profit organizations include Santa Fe Botanical Society, Rose Society, Home Grown New Mexico, Iris Society, Herb Society, and Sangre De Cristo Beekeepers with a demo beehive.

We have over 26 Gardening exhibitors including Santa Fe Greenhouses, Agua Fria Nursery, Paynes Nurseries, Eulalio’s Farm (great tomato plants for sale), Wild Birds Unlimited, Sierra Club and many more too numerous to list.

Oh and if you come, I’ll be in the plant sale section. Come by and say ‘Hi’. Hope to see you there!

4 comments on “Santa Fe Master Gardeners Garden Fair Today!

  1. Ness says:

    Aw man! I wish I could’ve been there. My hubby and I will be in Santa Fe May 12 through May 18. Anything going on then garden wise?


  2. Ness says:

    Yup, in about 3 yrs. I surprisingly got ambitious this year and have around 35 various squash and cucumber plants (not giant squashes), and I have my drip irrigation in place to water while we’re on vacation. I have planted green bush vegetable marrow, Bennings green tint scallop, Patisson golden marbre scallop, Lebanese white bush marrow, orangetti, and Triamble, and then a few cucumber plants. So far I only have a few aphids, and slight beetle damage. If/when the squash bugs find them, I’ll have my work cut out!


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