The Fair was a great success! Phew! Sigh! I’m exhausted!

The Santa Fe Master Gardener’s Spring Garden Fair is over. Phew! Sigh! Putting on the garden fair on is a lot of work for all us Master Gardeners + I was one of the speakers this year so double the work for me. Today the Journal North had a great article about the Garden Fair and my lecture on the front page. Really nice. The writer actually wrote down a lot of the tips I gave! Here is the article if you want to read it:

Now I just need to recover and the best way to do that is be in my garden! So today Tom came over and we worked on the greenhouse and got 9/10 of the roofing on. More progress! I will take some more pictures soon.

Santa Fe Seed Exchange


seed exchange HGNM

Come to the Santa Fe Seed Exchange Wednesday —   March 20

If you are looking for seeds and ideas for your vegetable garden, come to the Santa Fe Seed Exchange on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 from 4 pm-7 pm in Frenchy’s Barn on Agua Fria and Osage Ave. Last year we had over 200 people come and pick up and exchange seeds!  Hope to see you there! For more info about what this is all about go to the Home Grown New Mexico link here:

Master Gardener Interns

tomatoes on table

Tonight I taught the Vegetable Class section to the aspiring Master Gardener interns of 2013 and tomorrow will be the second group of interns in the morning. A total of 63 students for both groups which is inspiring to me to see so many people interested in becoming Master Gardeners. To every one of you-hang in there! There are many more interesting classes to come.

I promised to put the class handouts on my blog for anyone interested so here they are:





I also said I would put a couple of extra handouts on the blog which were not given out in the class but have very useful information on them:




Santa Fe Master Gardeners Garden Fair Today!

Today-Saturday, April 28-Santa Fe Master Gardener Annual Garden Fair 10AM-4PM at the Rodeo Grounds

This is our giant garden fair blowout we put on once a year and it is FABULOUS!  If you are a gardener and have never come to this-you have missed out!  You want to learn how to plant stuff in Santa Fe-Come here! Want to learn how to compost-Come here! Want lots of gardening information-Come here! AND IT IS FREE!

It’s held at the Rodeo Fairgrounds here in Santa Fe from 10 AM – 4 PM and will feature a giant plant sale with really good prices and a ‘garden shed’ with lots of gardening goodies for sale.

We will also have demonstrations on: How to Build a Rain Barrel, Composting, Vermi-Composting, Creating Herb Gardens, How to Do Drip Irrigation Systems and Creating a Wildflower Meadow.

AND we have wonderful guest speakers,  Tracy Neal-Landscape Designer, Jim Brooks-from Soilutions, and our main speaker, David Salman from Santa Fe Greenhouses.

The many non-profit organizations include Santa Fe Botanical Society, Rose Society, Home Grown New Mexico, Iris Society, Herb Society, and Sangre De Cristo Beekeepers with a demo beehive.

We have over 26 Gardening exhibitors including Santa Fe Greenhouses, Agua Fria Nursery, Paynes Nurseries, Eulalio’s Farm (great tomato plants for sale), Wild Birds Unlimited, Sierra Club and many more too numerous to list.

Oh and if you come, I’ll be in the plant sale section. Come by and say ‘Hi’. Hope to see you there!

Santa Fe Master Gardener Association FREE Garden Fair this Saturday!

Last year's Santa Fe Master Gardener Free garden fair

This Saturday, April 30th, from 10 am -4 pm will be our Master Gardener Free Garden Fair at the Rodeo Grounds.

Santa Fe Master Gardener Association is hosting our Annual Garden Fair this Saturday. We will all be there working at the Rodeo Grounds where it is held. There will be garden exhibitors with all kinds of give-aways and information, Master Gardener plant sale, how-to garden demonstrations by our Master Gardeners, national and local guest garden speakers, kids garden area, and our garden shed where you can buy all kinds of used and new garden stuff.  Come learn about how to make a butterfly garden, vermicomposting, herbs, critter control, seed saving, how to prune roses, what perennials do well here, garden design and much more. If you live and garden in the Santa Fe area or if you are a new gardener to our area, you don’t want to miss this-you won’t be disappointed! Over 2000 people will attend this festive event!