Red Orach (mountain spinach) and Bright Lights Chard

I just picked some Bright Lights Chard that overwintered in the coldframe and with the chard were a few plants of Red Orach (also called mountain spinach) that have been reseeding itself.  The variety of orach I grew came from Baker Heirloom Rare Seed company and it makes a great red addition to salads or used as steamed greens. I steamed the chard and Red Orach on top of some pasta tonight yummy. It tastes like spinach and you should pick it when it’s young and tender to eat. Red Orach really is an incredible deep magenta red color. Look how beautiful they look together!

Chard and Red Orach for dinner tonight

2 comments on “Red Orach (mountain spinach) and Bright Lights Chard

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    I am going to be harvesting some of the black seeded Simpson lettuce for our first meal from the greenhouse this year. I planted Orach from Baker Creek Feb. 15 and look forward to the same color you have in my salads in the future. Thanks for showing it to me, since I have never really seen a real, live plant!



    • Hi Gene
      The picture you saw is of the picked leaves with the chard in a colander, having been just washed – I just put another post in showing the actual plant for you and others to see so you know what to look for as it comes up.


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