Donut Seeds

While teaching the SF Master Gardener Vegetable class last week, one of the facilitators for the class, Helena Van Heiningen, came up at break to give me some new ‘seeds’. Donut seeds. They come from Ferry Morse and the package is really fun! Check out the front and back of the package below! Hmm! I’m gonna have to plant some of these! I wonder if they germinate in coffee?!

Donut seed-'Cakus Delectae'

Donut Seed-Back of package

3 comments on “Donut Seeds

  1. sheila says:

    I have a package of donut seeds from ferry-morse company (inc) fulton KY 42041, Mountain Veiw, Ca. 94042 no date and I think its older than your package is it worth anything I think its from the 70s


    • I’m not sure of the age or worth. Maybe we should write Ferry-Morse.


      • Robert Roehm says:

        I asked the Ferry Morse exhibitor at the Fresh Produce and Floral Expo about these, they contain non-germinating broken corn kernels.

        It’s offered to vendors who want to personalize them as advertisement cards either by stamping or stickering them.

        It’s still manufactured. If you want one ask your seed shop to request them along with their seed order.


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