Garden Harvest from July 24

First harvest from July 24

Here’s a picture of the first garden harvest that I actually got on July 24! It was small but tasty! ‘Romanesco Costata’ summer squash, ‘Lungo Bianco di Sicily’ summer squash, ‘Yellow Custard’ scalloped summer squash, ‘Bennings Green Tint’ scallop summer squash, ‘Fairy’ eggplants, bush beans, cucumbers, ‘Shishitos’ and ‘Padron’ peppers are really kicking, and a few tomatoes. Now on August 2, almost everything is going bonkers except the tomatoes-I’m still waiting for the tomatoes to really show up soon in a major way!

One comment on “Garden Harvest from July 24

  1. Helen Rivera says:

    I want to say Thank You for your MG garden tour on Sept 5th. It was very interesting and informative. To experience someone else ways and ideas of gardening is awesome and also a time of learning which I imagine is one purpose of being a Master Gardener. I also appreciate it as a way to stay in touch with other MGs. Therefore I am following by having a MG tour on Sept 19,2010. I am an Intern and so am learning. Maybe you can come.


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