2013 Pumpkin Bash Pics

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Here are some of the pics from this year’s Pumpkin Bash. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, sipping apple cider and bashing the pumpkin ‘Honey Boo Booo’—named because it was so small-only 176 lbs (which is teeny for a giant pumpkin). Who needs therapy when you can do this?!

5th ANNUAL PUMPKIN BASH!! This Saturday Nov. 2, 2013

honey boo booo

Hey friends – I do have a giant pumpkin just waiting to get bashed by you! Now keep in mind it’s not a ‘giant’ giant pumpkin but rather a smaller giant that weighed in at 176 lbs. Still that’s more than most people weigh. Since it is small, I’ve named it Honey Boo Boooo because of its pint size. So come and have some fun-watch it get axed or take part in the axing and sip some hot apple cider. Don’t be late as it won’t take long to bash it. Afterwards, take some of the organic pumpkin home to make your favorite pumpkin dish. The rest of the pumpkin will go to Kitchen Angels to feed the hungry. Be there or be square!

Event: 5th Annual Pumpkin Bash

When: This Saturday, November 2 at 9 am

Where: Liquid Light Glass, 926 Baca Street, Santa Fe, NM

Pictures from the Santa Fe 4th Annual Pumpkin Bash

Santa Fe 4th Annual Pumpkin Bash!!

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Yesterday I held the 4th Annual Pumpkin Bash here in Santa Fe and about 35 people came! IT was COLD but not as cold as later on during the day and people warmed up swinging an axe! My friend Jill Foster called them ‘the choppers’! I also supplied my pumpkin soup (the recipe is in the previous post) to warm the bones. This was the biggest turnout to date. All my friends, Master gardener friends and Homegrown friends came out for the big event. Everyone had fun and afterwards took some pumpkin home.  Must have given away over 300 lbs to friends and the other 85 lbs is going to Kitchen Angels! Let’s figure out how many pies it would make- Take 385 lbs x 16 oz (16 oz in a lb) = 6160 oz. Divide that by 12 oz (1.5 cups is the standard amount of pumpkin used in pies) and we get  513 pies!!  Even if we subtract some out for that stringy stuff and seeds we still get around 500 pies!

Giant Pumpkin Patch wrap up

‘Orange Crush’

Let’s catch up with the GIANT PUMPKIN patch!

My giant pumpkin patch produced 1298 pounds of pumpkins this year but there were no recordbreakers for 2012. My biggest ‘Orange Crush’, weighed in at 385 lbs (which is on display at our glass studio-Liquid Light Glass at 926 Baca Street in Santa Fe) was picked up and transported by my 8 strong buds which I affectionately call my ‘pumpkin crew’. Not as big as my 2012 NM State Record of 448 lbs. ‘Orange Crush’ will be the star of this year’s ‘4th Annual Pumpkin Bash’ on Nov 10th.

pumpkin crew 2012

pumpkin patch with ‘Hugo’ in foreground

‘Hugo’ came in at 262 lbs (already went to The Food Depot to feed people).

‘Casper’, 208 lbs-carved by Erika Wanemacher

‘Casper’ came in at 208 ( carved into the biggest jack o’ lantern in Santa Fe by Erika Wanenmacher), ‘Beautiful Baby’ came in at 190 lbs (on display at Prairie Dog Glass), two smaller ones for the State fair came in at 100 and 153 lbs.

And this year a young man from Albuquerque named Olin, broke my NM State Record, growing a pumpkin (named Shelia) that weighed 530 lbs! He started the seed on St. Patrick’s Day and had it in the ground on April 1! WOW! Putting them in the ground in April would be impossible up here at 7000 ft high with our short growing season. Great to have some competition in this state. Congrats Olin but look out next year!