working on greenhouse


In October, I scored some glass panels from our friend, Kate, who replaced her garden room windows and offered them to me. Thanks Kate! In early November, when I rented the Bobcat, I cleared the land to get ready for the greenhouse. It will be 16′ x 12′ interior space when done.  In December we had some really cold nights that started the ground to freeze but it has warmed up a little in January so far. Here is the progress for now..

Jan 7- Beautiful day 50°F. Been beautiful for 2 weeks now. Caleb came over with his JACKHAMMER and we started digging the holes out for the greenhouse posts. We need 8 holes dug. Two of which are in frozen ground. Hence the jackhammer. We got 4 holes done, 2 holes almost done (need to dig them out 2 more inches each) and 2 that are gonna be a bitch because they are in the shade and really frozen. Wonder how far the ground is frozen before we reach thawed ground.

Jan 8-Cold and snowy. Not a lot of snow but can’t do any garden digging today. Hope it warms up again. If we can get the posts set, then I can go out and start to frame the greenhouse on nice winter days.

Jan 9-Looks like it will be in the 40’s for this next week. Not sure when the ground will warm up enough again to work on the post holes. Wah! I would like to get it done by spring to start some seeds inside-March/April. Perhaps this is wishful thinking…sigh.