Greenhouse progress

Finally progress on the greenhouse! I finished digging out 6 of the 8 holes over the last 2 weeks when we had some warm days and Caleb came by last Sunday (a week ago) and we finished digging the last 2 holes with his jack hammer. Yesterday (Friday), I set all 8 posts by myself. After consulting with a contractor friend to see if I could set the posts in cement, he told me yes but bury them in dirt afterwards to insulate them-brilliant! Boy was it a long day but nothing a warm Epsom Salt bath can’t help. I’m really happy as I can work on framing it when we have a nice day this winter-especially since I came down with a nasty cold today…

2 comments on “Greenhouse progress

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    I do believe you are capturing the essence of building a long term greenhouse by really taking care to make your foundation ( 4 x4’s) solid and straight. My own, now three years old this growing season, stands major wind buffeting off the Rockies and I really look forward to planting in a few weeks, knowing that the only major repairs will be replacing the woven plastic skin several years in the future.
    AS much as you love gardening, the greenhouse will add so much more when you realize you can grow 12 months a year here in northern New Mexico with no external heat. You will also look forward to planting in September, and then harvest fresh garden salad vegetables all winter long.

    Good Luck to you,

    Gene Solyntjes


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