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In October, I scored some glass panels from our friend, Kate, who replaced her garden room windows and offered them to me. Thanks Kate! In early November, when I rented the Bobcat, I cleared the land to get ready for the greenhouse. It will be 16′ x 12′ interior space when done.  In December we had some really cold nights that started the ground to freeze but it has warmed up a little in January so far. Here is the progress for now..

Jan 7- Beautiful day 50°F. Been beautiful for 2 weeks now. Caleb came over with his JACKHAMMER and we started digging the holes out for the greenhouse posts. We need 8 holes dug. Two of which are in frozen ground. Hence the jackhammer. We got 4 holes done, 2 holes almost done (need to dig them out 2 more inches each) and 2 that are gonna be a bitch because they are in the shade and really frozen. Wonder how far the ground is frozen before we reach thawed ground.

Jan 8-Cold and snowy. Not a lot of snow but can’t do any garden digging today. Hope it warms up again. If we can get the posts set, then I can go out and start to frame the greenhouse on nice winter days.

Jan 9-Looks like it will be in the 40’s for this next week. Not sure when the ground will warm up enough again to work on the post holes. Wah! I would like to get it done by spring to start some seeds inside-March/April. Perhaps this is wishful thinking…sigh.

6 comments on “working on greenhouse

  1. Angela says:

    Can you put some black fabric pinned down by cinder blocks in the areas you’re looking to jackhammer? It might warm the ground just enough from morning till late afternoon to dig the last holes.


  2. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    Congratulations on your start for the foundation of your greenhouse. Did you receive notice that Al Calde in going to have a presentation on January 19th from 1-4pm on growing in the greenhouse in winter here?

    Considering I planted a few salad crops on November 15th last year and they germinated and came up, and we’ve had some fresh salads from that small crop, I really look forward to this presentation. I did start planting in my greenhouse with no external heat on February 15th last year and was largely successful and will be repeating that planting this year.



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