9 comments on “Last fall Harvest of 2022 on Oct 10

  1. ellenjantzen says:

    All looks great…. I have a question about pieces of equipment; I see three harvesting buckets, one purple, one orange and one blue… where did you purchase these, I’d like to get a few. Thanks for all of your informative blogs!!


    • Hi Ellen-I got mine at Gardeners Supply Company. They are called ‘Trug Tubs’. I wouldn’t get the large (20gal-unless you are putting leaves in it as it gets very heavy) I also got the trug tub colander which is good for rinsing off veggies that fits in the med bucket or just outside with a hose before their final cleaning inside. They have a variety of colors too. I’ve also seen them in town but don’t remember where.

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    Oh my! Kohlrabi is BIG. Is that normal for them? I have never grown it here, but will likely try it again in the next garden when I get the soil amended. The raspberries are rad also! I do not grow them, but probably should. I missed an opportunity to get some from a garden that I remember from when I was a kid. I know that they were nothing special, but they were special to me.


    • No the kohlrabi got away from me when I was sick but still cooked up nicely. I only grew it the last 2 years and like it. And of course it’s always a good problem to have too many raspberries. I put 20 bags in the freezers, ate a bunch, made a lot of galettes and still had friends over to pick as well. Overall, not a bad problem to have!

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      • tonytomeo says:

        Those really are raspberries?! (Those things on the ground?) They are lush!, . . . and odd looking.
        Should kohlrabi be eaten before it gets too big, or is it still tender like that? I never got a radish too big to be good. I mean, even if they stay in the ground for too long, as long as they are taken before they bolt, they are still good. I suppose that they get tough, but I just never experienced it.


  3. Deanna says:

    What a great last harvest! Love all the variety and colors.

    The green beans reminded of a question I have if you don’t mind. Every time I grow green beans (all various varieties I’ve grown, specifically pole beans) they grow great. The problem comes around some time in August when I begin getting small areas of aphid infestation which can turn into so many multiple areas of infestation if I don’t catch them all. I know about how to blast them with water to get them off, and I know about dusting with diatomaceous earth, and I always have a recurring population of lady bugs, but how do you deal with them? The ants here cultivate the aphids and assist with their dispersal and so it’s quite hard to find them all and keep up with them.


    • I didn’t have an aphid problem on my beans but if I did I would try Neem or Azamax which are organic and Azamax is derived from the Neem tree. But with either of these 2 products, I would ony spray in the early am or late in the day, not in the heat of the day as they can burn your plants if not careful. I have read insecticidal soap works too but with any spray, you will have to spray almost every day to kill the aphids for at least a week or more. good luck!


      • Deanna Teraoka says:

        Thank you for that information. I may try running around with soapy water when I first begin seeing the aphids next year….and then Neem if that doesn’t work.

        Deanna Teraoka



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