Ahh! What a nice day to be in the garden!

summer storm over gaaren

summer storm over the garden

Glory bee!  (yes they were out too). I’ve been waiting for a nice warm day to get back out in the veggie garden without the cold or the wind (ugh). Today was a nice, no, make it a great day in the garden-nice and warm and not even a breeze. So I spent 3 hours gathering all the tomato stems that I had hurriedly pulled out really last late fall when a worker was a no show and I decided to do it alone because if I don’t show up it’s my own dam fault. I pulled them so they wouldn’t freeze solid in winter (very hard to dig thru frozen ground). Up till now I just left them in the paths with the full intention of cleaning everything up before the new season is here. Still have more to do but it felt so good being outside. Today was a bonus day!

And tomorrow is suppose to be another great day (until about 4 pm) when the winds return. So get out there early!

2 comments on “Ahh! What a nice day to be in the garden!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Oh my! ‘Frozen ground’? That sounds dreadful. Even if it is not necessary to work with it, the weather that freezes it is what is dreadful. I got a picture of icicles here just because they are so rare.


  2. Janine Cohen says:

    That’s a beautiful photo Jannine!


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