Lookee what I found!

cottonwood tree-SJR

Went on our last flyfishing trip of the year to Colorado and New Mexico last week after our freeze here in Santa Fe that killed off the veggie garden the week before. I brought the last few tomatoes (all cherry tomatoes) on the trip and was lamenting that I would get no more home grown tomatoes until next season as I don’t eat store bought tomatoes.

In a bowl I cut them in half, added avocado and chunky feta cheese and drizzled a little olive oil over them. OMG! these tomatoes were so good and I was sorry to see them go. I really enjoyed every last bite! I wasn’t ready for the tomato season to be done as I won’t get any till next July or August.

last tomatoes Oct 25When I got home, I went back out to the now dead garden and found more tomatoes that had escaped the freeze that were deep inside the plants and I guess the foliage saved them! I will have more tomatoes even into November. So now as they say, I’m a happy camper!

On the flyfishing trip the colors of the cottonwood trees up at the San Juan River below Navajo Dam, New Mexico were spectacular! Went up there at the peak of the fall color. The colors were unbelievable and I want to share them with you all.

4 comments on “Lookee what I found!

  1. emmy says:

    what a beautiful amp! love the rocks!


  2. Gene solyntjes says:

    Jannine. Thanks for sharing this since I am daily working on rehabbing my greenhouse and getting it ready for planting lettuce in February. There is lots to do, but the whole place will be better than it was originally, due to using older woven plastic, doubling it and attaching it at sites on the cover that wear due to wi d damage. With the hookup to our water system, we now can use all 12,000 gallons in our water tank system for drip irrigation. Now that I am really retired, this seems to be very special for Linda and I. Thanks for all your wonderful information.
    You Rock, tomato lady!


    • Hi Gene! I too am mostly retired (I still blow glass 1 time/week). My greenhouse is a mess too. I need to get in there, organize it, put compost down in beds and fix a window frame. I start my cool season lettuce inside, under lights in January and put the starts out in the greenhouse in February. Sounds like we are on the same page!


  3. tonytomeo says:

    Yup, that happens. I typically leave the last few zucchini in the garden, not because I do not see them, but because, by that time, I really do not want any more zucchini. The foliage dies back to reveal those big zucchini that are not so ini. They can be stored like winter squash, . . . but are not so good.


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