Recent Harvests

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Here are some pics of recent harvests. Many crops have been harvested and quite a few are still ready to harvest. As the season winds down, and crops finish, I turn off the drips to each bed with annual crops. There are still a few tomatoes, 25 Butternut squash will be harvested the day before our first freeze next tuesday, potatoes need to be dug out, onions done and curing, chard and kale still kicking, cucumbers done, dry beans picked, green beans done, peppers still going, zucchini pretty much done, a huge load of apples to still be picked, raspberries and grapes are almost done and blackberries done and most of the flowers have faded throughout the garden. Things are winding up pretty fast here.

3 comments on “Recent Harvests

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Gads! Frost in October?!
    Are those raspberries on the baking sheet to be frozen? When I froze blackberries, I stuffed them all in a tub, but only because I expect to cook them later. I do not need individual berries, but probably should have frozen them separately anyway.


    • Yes October is usually when we get our first freeze. Which is ok as I like 4-seasons and really like the smell of our fireplace with Pinon or cedar wood in the winter although I bet you don’t like the smoke you all get over there. In fact, I don’t like the smoke that comes over NM from CA either…

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      • tonytomeo says:

        Well, that is a dreadful sort of smoke. It comes in while the weather is warm, so is obviously not from fireplaces. (The most dreadful was when Oakland burned. That smoke smelled like a burning city, and was very gray.) I sort of miss the smoke in the Santa Clara Valley during the winters of the early 1970s. It smelled like apricot and prune wood because most fireplaces burned the trees that got removed from the old orchards to relinquish space for more urban development. The orchard stubble got burned at that time of year also. Of course, there are no orchards left, and fireplaces are nearly illegal.


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