Today’s harvest-August 5


Everything is starting to explode in the garden. Harvest time is here for many fruits and vegetables. Here is today’s harvest. From upper left clockwise: Friulana summer squash, AtomicRed carrots, Boothsby Blonde cucumbers, Emerite french filet green bean, Jimmy Nardello peppers, one Shishito pepper, and a variety of tomatoes.

Lots of fruit is ready to harvest. From top to bottom: Triple Crown thornless blackberries are just starting to come on, the very first Polana raspberries (we only got a few but the main harvest will be in the fall and the bushes are loaded) and on the bottom are the first few Himrod seedless table eating grapes-they have a wonderful flavor.

6 comments on “Today’s harvest-August 5

  1. mmcgeary759 says:

    Interesting. I’m getting lots of shishitos, but not much in the way of cucumbers and beans. But tomatoes are dolng great: green zebra, pink berkeley tie-die, black cherries, Paul Robeson, and of course sungolds, and some Brad’s atomic grapes are near ripe.. I had to re-cover tomatoes, because the deer are getting the fruit that is just outside the wire cages. Yesterday, it was a group of 5 bucks!


    • wow! Did you hear that Bob Z had a bear that destroyed one of his beehives. We brought the other surviving one over here till the bear hibernates. You guys live in a wild area!

      I only have one shishito plant and we get some off of it every few days.


  2. Pamela Grob says:

    I’m having trouble with my black cherry tomatoes. They have brown spots on many of the green ones. Do you know what is causing it?


  3. tonytomeo says:

    Those carrots look great! I rarely grow carrots. I really dislike them; and they do not normally do well here. I grew a few this year because someone at work wanted them. They did better than expected, but still not great.
    The berries are excellent! The only blackberries I get here are the wild (naturalized) Himalayan blackberry. They are good, but hellish to harvest.


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