Tomatoes are in-May 3rd-woo hoo!

Today we put 31 tomatoes in the garden. Enjoy the time lapse!

This is the earliest I have ever been able to put them outside. We always put them in Wall-of-Waters (green cylinders) to protect them from the chilly nites or if we have a late freeze.  Now I’m dirt tired-time for a cocktail!

6 comments on “Tomatoes are in-May 3rd-woo hoo!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    They look like Daleks.
    31 will make way too many tomatoes! Mine are coming along surprisingly slowly. There should be quite a few, but several people work here.


  2. vikingkitten0 says:

    You are brave! Beautiful beds!


  3. lava says:

    you are both such speedy workers, so i hope the tomatoes will be growing as fast as you in the video!


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