The Governor’s office has mandated all nurseries are suppose to be closed until April 30, thereafter subject to review.

Agua Fria Nursery: Closed. I just talked to Bob, the owner of Agua Fria Nursery who called State Ag and Governor’s office yesterday (Monday April 13) and asked if nursery curbside orders/pickups would be allowed. Both entities said curbside orders and pickups are illegal and all nurseries are suppose to be closed to the public.

Paynes (both): Closed-They were made to close down their curbside orders

Plants of the Southwest: Closed.

Newmans: Message says as of Monday, April 13: curbside orders and pickups only. No message today as to what they are doing and if they are now closed.

For those of you who need veggie starts, you can go to Lowes and Home Depot as they are allowed to stay open for their supplies and happen to have garden centers.

But there is another solution. See my next post.

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4 comments on “UPDATE ON LOCAL NURSERIES-April 14th

  1. rpwelker says:

    If gun shops are now classified as essential businesses, then so to should be nurseries. It’s about food food and food!


  2. c mccandless says:

    thanks for the info. I just emailed the Gov to ask here to reconsider her closure of non-essential biz policy. this policy’s unintended consequences mean death for our wonderful locally owned nurseries.


  3. tonytomeo says:

    This is unpleasant to read, even though I do not know these nurseries. Thank you for mentioning it though. I am concerned for my colleagues here, although I know of no one who is not surviving this reasonably well.


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