More sources for veggie starts

Trying to research resources as to where we can buy veggie starts besides the Big Box stores. Read on.

The Vagabond Farmers, are farming Lauren’s farm this year (Lauren as many of you remember of Las Farminitas, was the tomato grower who sold tomato starts at the Master Gardeners Garden Fair for many years). The Vagabond Farmers told me they will have many veggie starts in May. Email them as to how you will get them.   TVFgardenstarts

Just click on the pdf above and email them directly for veggie starts. Email address is on their flyer above. Sounds like they have lots to offer.

Another source to check out for veggie start is of course the farmers at our local Santa Fe Farmers Market. I hear parking is now very easy.

Ampersand ( will have their plant sale in Madrid the 19th April. If enough persons are interested Amanda Bramble will deliver in Santa Fe. Her starts are fabulous and she will be selling compost.

These are three more possible sources for veggie starts. If anyone has any other info or sources, please comment below and I will add them. Good Luck!

PS: Some individuals have written and mentioned they may have too many tomatoes started.  And some have written other sources as possibilities but gave no info as to what day, time and what someone may be selling. Be sure to read the comments section of this post as you may be able to find more sources and you will have to research it out for yourselves. Good Luck!

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16 comments on “More sources for veggie starts

  1. Emmy Koponen says:

    Ampersand will have their plant sale in Madrid the 19th April. If enough persons are interested Amanda Bramble will deliver in Santa Fe. Her starts are fabulous and she will be selling compost.


  2. Linda Archibald says:

    Thank you! This is fabulous information.

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  3. Amanda Ruggles says:

    Hey Janine – I think Reunity will be or is already selling starts!


  4. Mark says:

    SanYsidro farm has lettuce starts now and will have a wider selection this Saturday.


  5. Cynthia Frederick says:

    I started waaay too many tomatoes. If you or anyone you know would like to try “Pineapple” I have lots of babies.
    BTW I’m new to this area – when do you guess it will be safe to move these outside?


    • Hi Cynthia-
      The first average frost FREE date in Santa Fe area is May 15. Some years it stays warmer sooner and you may be able to get them in the garden and some years we get even later freezes like we just had. Last year we had a freeze on May 27th so I waited till after that to plant outside which was late. Become a weather bug and see what is forecasted. I never put out tomatoes when danger of a freeze is eminent. I ALWAYS use Wall of Waters (WOW) to protect them from our chilly nights when first transplanting into the garden. They offer protection to about 4-5 degrees below freezing. I don’t take them (WOWs) off until the tomato plants outgrows them sometime in June. But they must be taken off as they are only for the beginning of planting. WOWs can be bought online since our nurseries are closed. For more info on tomato growing here at my blog, go to the right hand column of this blog, scroll down (way down) till you see Vegetables and then scroll down further to tomatoes to read up. There is a wealth of info on growing tomatoes and their CHALLENGES here in our climate. When people read your comment, they can write to you at your email address above if interested. I can’t put in everyone onto this blog who might have started too many plants but appreciate your comments and info. Good Luck and welcome to our area!


  6. Astrid Yankosky says:

    Jannine! Thank you so much for the mention. It has helped us immensely to have a very successful start to our season! If anyone is still in need of tomato starts, tomatillo, eggplant, basils or leafy brassicas, you can find The Vagabond Farmers at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Saturday and Tuesday mornings, bright and early for best selection!


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