Snake in the chicken coop!

Well, well, well, look what I found this week in the chicken coop! A bull snake trying to eat an egg but I got it before he did! Now I check a few times a day if I’m home to make sure it doesn’t get an egg. I like the snake around the coop as it keeps the mice population down but I guess this egg was an easier meal to catch!

5 comments on “Snake in the chicken coop!

  1. lava says:

    what a great photo!!!


  2. Janine Cohen says:

    That’s a great photo! I can imagine your hand reaching into the coils, you brave woman!


    • yes I made sure first it didn’t have a rattle on the end of its tail! Actually I prodded it and it slid away so I could get the egg. I’ve seen it around the outside of the coop but this is the first time inside. No wonder the poor chickens didn’t want to go lay their eggs in their boxes! I like it around to eat mice tho…


  3. Angela Werneke says:

    Maybe you should let him have an egg once in awhile in exchange for his keeping the mice under control.


  4. The same thing happened in my coop! Creepy! My hens killed the snake and I had to drag it out… omg. 😦


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