leeks gone wild!

I grew leeks for the first time last fall and didn’t harvest them before the seed heads formed about a month ago. I read they are too woody at that stage and I can leave them to flower.  If I do this, I’ll have many volunteers next year. Well that sounded good so I let them go.

The flower is gorgeous and attracts many beneficial bugs. Glad I left them in…

4 comments on “leeks gone wild!

  1. growerjenn says:

    oh, they are beautiful. I left a few to flower last fall and am now having a little ground cover of baby leeks. Because of our weather, they sprouted pretty late, but we’ll see how it goes.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Allium seem to be trendy nowadays anyway. Your alliums are more justifiable. I really do not think that I have ever seen a lee in bloom.
    I might try alliums just because it would be nice to grow bulbs that might actually naturalize in our mold climate, but onions grown only for their bloom makes about as much sense to me as (fruitless) flowering cherries. I know that flowering cherries are pretty, but still, it seems like a waste of effort.


    • I agree. I just let the leeks slip away and kick myself for letting them do that! So hopefully they will produce baby leeks next year without me having to plant them. Meanwhile I and the beneficial bugs are enjoying their beauty.

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  3. TB says:

    Beautiful, Jannine!


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