Major project/Weed control

Last year’s major project in my garden was framing with wood my raised beds which was great as the beds don’t wash away when it rains now. This year, with all the weeds on steroids, I decided to do something about it. I’m sick of constantly weeding my paths around my raised beds. It takes the fun out of gardening. It is part of gardening that I hate especially in a bad year. Inside the beds are good with no weeds but the paths were horrible. Janine the WWOOFer actually weeded all the paths around the raised beds. So after the paths were weeded and cleaned up, I got landscape cloth (a 20 year guarantee heavy type) and cut to fit and put it all on the paths in 2 of my 3 sections. Each section is 1000 square feet. The last section will be done as well starting today. Then I put 3-4 inches wood chips that I had Spotted Owl here in Santa Fe deliver on top of the fabric. I know some people say the cloth doesn’t work but I had it down in my giant pumpkin patch some years ago for many years and it worked great. Any weeds that come from seeds dropped in the wood chips never get thru the fabric from the top and are easily pulled and nothing grows underneath in the darkness. So I’m hoping this greatly reduces my weeding. A lot of work to save a lot of work in weeding.

6 comments on “Major project/Weed control

  1. Cydney Martin says:

    Wow! That’s alot of work. I hope you had some help. I used old carpet from a rental, turned upside down, as a weed block. It was hard cutting it (my son helped me) but it was a decent weed block. Here’s to a bountiful crop! Great job.


  2. elodie says:



  3. Janine Cohen says:



  4. tonytomeo says:

    Weeds were wicked for us!, but we had plenty of rain for them. Weirdly, some of the more familiar weeds seem to be lacking.


  5. Janine Cohen says:

    The paths look first class!


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