Janine the WWOOFer

Jannine (me-left) and Janine the WWOOFer (right)

Boy the universe was looking after me a few weeks ago. I was co-teaching a drip irrigation class  on May 5th and one of the attendees came up to me and introduce herself. Her name is Janine (same as mine only 2 n’s-Janine not 3 n’s like mine-Jannine). Anyway she explained she was a WWOOFer. For more info on what a WWOOFer is go here. She came up to my mini-farm and was going to help weed for a few days and ended up staying 2.5 weeks! What a blessing as during that period, I hurt my good knee and was barely getting around.

She not only weeded but also put all the compost in each bed, turned it over and planted flowers and vegetables and my tomatoes, and did a lot of drip lines as well. Oh, and she would get up and feed my barn critters as well every morning. We hit it off really well and she was a joy to have around here. A new gardening buddy.

But now like all good gypsies, she has left New Mexico for greener pastures up in Colorado and off to new adventures. I always said I needed a clone, and I found her. Hopefully someday she will show up again! Thanks Janine for all you did while here!


4 comments on “Janine the WWOOFer

  1. Elodie says:

    She was a true angel! We miss you Janine!


  2. Janine Cohen says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jannine! Your farm was a fabulous working and learning experience! I hope to return!


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