Florence, Italy farmers market


I’m in Florence, Italy right now. Here’s Mercado Centrale by San Lorenzo this morning where produce, meats, fish, pasta and more are sold every morning. Felt right at home! Those are mushrooms in the last photo.

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6 comments on “Florence, Italy farmers market

  1. zeebeeman says:

    Nice produce….. and the prices are really good too!
    I recognize those tomatoes and beans that you grow, too!


    • Those purple beans are the borlotti beans I grew and the tomatoes are Costoluto Florentino thatI grew and they also had Cour de Buo which is a big paste tomato they all like. They are getting all their warm season produce from Rome area as they are not ready yet.


  2. mmcgeary759 says:

    Glad you are having a great visit to Italia!


  3. tonytomeo says:

    San Lorenzo? How funny. We are in the San Lorenzo River Valley here. I have not seen your articles in a while. I am sorry that I have not been reading them.


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