Tomatoes in on May 6th!

tomatoes 05 24 16

Tomatoes went in on May 6 with the help of Linda, Janet, Mike and myself. Many thanks! Planted 27 plants for me and 9 for the dwarf tomato trials. Plus this week I planted peppers and eggplants transplants in wall of waters and cucumber and bean seeds directly in ground. A bit early, as I always say to wait but I’m currently on my way to Venice, Italy and am typing this on my phone which is a pain! I didn’t want to wait till June. I’ll still have to plant squash, watermelons and flowers when I return. But this year because of the warm nites, I think I will be ok.  Ciao!

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One comment on “Tomatoes in on May 6th!

  1. tonytomeo says:

    They went IN on the 6th?! It is SO amazing that you get the quality of fruit that you get in such a climate; but you obviously know how to work it. My uncle got excellent fruit west of Portland. It took longer to grow, but it was just as good as anything that grows here. (The varieties did not need much warmth.)


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