Major changes in the garden!

Adding new wood framing for my existing garden beds this spring

Major changes are happening in my 3000 square foot vegetable garden this spring. I have changed my low free-formed rectangle raised beds without edging into raised beds with redwood board edging to help retain the soil and compost inside each bed. The majority of the beds are made but now I must site them over my existing free-formed beds, digging out the edges of the bed so the forms can fit over the existing bed without losing any soil. Then I will level the soil out and add compost to each of the framed beds.

Sections 1 and 2 will pretty much be done and section 3 will be partially done as well. Each section is 1000 square feet. The beds are 12 feet by 4 feet and there is enough room between the beds to get a wheelbarrow through. I know some people put their beds closer together with little tiny paths between the beds but being able to get a wheelbarrow of compost through to the beds is really helpful. Then I will put wood chips on the path which help keep the paths from washing away should we ever get rain again! The wood chips will help with the erosion since I live on a hill. So I will finally have a nice tidy garden where the soil will be retained by the frames. All very exciting for an obsessed gardener!

Meanwhile, I can hardly wait till I can plant the cool season crops I have growing inside the house out into some of my other raised beds by the house. They need to get outside so I have room for my baby tomato plants just coming up inside, under lights, on heat mats. I need more room as the tomato plants can’t go outside yet-way too cold at night for them.

The only thing holding me back is the dang wind-just horrible right. Ugly horrible and not nice for gardening with 40 mph winds. I’m not that obsessed! Hopefully it will be better in a few days and I can get the cool season crops out and the framed beds all straightened out and then I will be ready to rock n roll in the garden!

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3 comments on “Major changes in the garden!

  1. Teresa Toole says:

    Wow! Inspiring!


  2. tonytomeo says:

    It is funny to hear about planting cool season vegetables. Others are doing it too, but they are in Australia! It is hard to imagine anyone doing it north of the Equator. We had to take out the kale because it was finally bolting.


  3. carolee says:

    Bet you will love having frames around your beds. It just gives a tidier look, plus I find myself sitting on them often so save my knees. Looks terrific!


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