TOM-TOM 2010-2015


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A beloved member of our family died today—Tom Tom our black cat. I found him in his cathouse on Sunday morning after calling and calling him outside Saturday night to no avail. At least I found him instead of not finding him at all. Turns out he probably herniated his diaphragm on Saturday night and the doc thought he would be able to repair it today but his organs went up and put pressure on his heart and he had a cardiac arrest. The doc hadn’t even operated yet but was trying to prep him for surgery when it happened. We are all in shock and his buddy and partner in crime, BT (our gray cat) doesn’t realize what happened yet. We got BT and Tom Tom about 2 years ago. He use to be an outside cat only but we got him and BT to come in at nights after about a year. He was very friendly and loving but also skitterish with others. The other cats keep looking for him-so hard to lose a family member we all love.

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10 comments on “TOM-TOM 2010-2015

  1. estherconejo says:

    Sorry for your loss. The little furballs sure do leave an imprint on the heart. I’d like to think he is healthy and happy and has his own sunny window sill in little kitty heaven. God bless.


  2. andrea sharon says:

    sorry for your loss….it is so hard to lose a pet…


  3. Sharon Pastori says:

    Oh no. So Sorry. Hugs to you and El Sharon

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  4. Teresa Toole says:

    We are deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the life of Tom Tom and your other wonderful animals with us.


  5. Laurie McGrath says:

    So sad to lose a buddy….great photos of a charmer who will be missed.


  6. sophiefrancoise says:

    Oh, dear Jannine and Elodie: We’re both sending you love and light on your unexpected loss of Tom Tom. What a beautiful boy! It is so hard and so sad to lose a “fur baby” like Tom Tom…
    Please know that we are thinking of both of you (and of your other beloved “babies,” at this sad time. love xxx Lynne and Laurie

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  7. Very sad – he looks like he was having a very happy and healthy life – my commiserations to you and your other cats.


  8. joyce stolaroff says:

    oh jannine and elodie, sorry for your loss. This sounds strange, but it helped my dog move on when his best friend died. Is there any possibility that you have your baby’s body in order to let the others smell him so that they can understand what has happened?


    • Thanks Joy. I think BT knew as we kept Tom-Tom inside on Sunday after I found him and one of the other cats stayed with him but his buddy BT went up and sniffed him and walked away. Since the others knew that he was ill, I think BT knew too but handled it differently. We of course didn’t know how bad it was as he didn’t have any outward signs except a swelling on his right side and he purred when we petted him and no other signs except he just wanted to lay down. Anyways, I can’t imagine that BT doesn’t miss him as they always hung together. We had Tom-Tom cremated so no chance of that now.


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