Produce for sale from the Tomato Lady-Friday August 21

Jannine's bean tee pee

Hi folks.  I know many of you locals follow my blog. I have 125 tomato plants and 3o heirloom varieties this year.  For some unknown reason my tomatoes are taking their time turning red (or orange or striped or black or purple). This is weird as I would have thought that they would all be kicking ass by now and I would be at the Farmers Market. The weather has been nice and warm, the rain wonderful and the tomatoes look great-just still green. Ah mother nature! Whata ya going do? I’ve learned years ago to just surrender to her. So…

Since I don’t have enough tomatoes ready (I need boxes and boxes of them) for the Farmer’s Market this Saturday, I do have some heirloom tomatoes to sell plus I have LOTS of other heirloom veggies—Shishito peppers, wonderful varieties of french and Italian green beans—Rattlesnake beans, Italian Romano beans, Trionfo Violetto beans, Royal Burgundy beans and some french filets, tasty sweet cucumbers and fantastic huge ruby red chard that melts in your mouth when steamed and drizzled with a fine balsamic vinaigrette.

I will be selling them from 2 -4 pm this Friday August 21 at our studio:

Liquid Light Glass
926 Baca Street #3
Santa Fe, NM
Call me if you have questions. 660-4986

I will be starting at the Santa Fe Farmer’s market Saturday August 29th from 7 am-1 pm. But don’t be late as I will sell out probably by 11 am. You can find me inside the building-just look for my ‘TOMATO LADY’ SIGN above my booth.

So come catch up with me and get some fantastic veggies for yourself this Friday without the parking hassles! Hope to see you here at the studio!

2 comments on “Produce for sale from the Tomato Lady-Friday August 21

  1. Carol Autry says:

    Lovely picture of your garden. I wrote to you in the winter about the collapse of my big ear cactus in Amarillo. You will be glad to know it made a complete recovery and has grown more than ever this year. It is huge. I only had to remove a few dead ears from the center of the plant.

    I learned a lot from corresponding with you and your friend (Arizona as I recall) so will stop any water I provide early September. Can’t speak for mother nature as we are at 23″ of rain for the year as of now. Wow!


    • Thanks for writing back Carol. Glad your cactus recovered. We’ve had a lot of water as well. This is the best garden I’ve ever had because of all the rain this year and they’re forecasting more moisture for the winter. So glad we have had a good year moisture wise. I think we are now officially out of our 8-10 year drought! Hope you are doing well in TX.


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