Tomato Tasting Contest

tomato contest1

Today I held a tomato tasting contest with some of my friends. I have to say I was very disappointed. Not with my friends but with my tomatoes. I went last to taste them and could not believe how many of the tomatoes were either bland or watery. Some seemed weak in flavor. I’ve eaten them all summer and couldn’t remember them like this. They were not at all like the sweet flavorful tomatoes I ate last month.

Then it hit me-the 3 inches of rain we had this past week really weakened the flavors. I have had many split their skins this week from taking on so much water and that explains why so many of my favorites were rather bland vs a month ago they were very flavorful. They say if you want the flavors more intense, cut back on watering during harvest time which I did. Usually we don’t have an over-abundance of rain, but we have this year. I haven’t had the drip system on in 2 weeks but mother nature choose to give us more rain than I can ever remember getting at this time of year.

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Never the less there were some outstanding tomatoes. Below is the ranking of the ones we tasted. There were many ties. I found it amazing that 7 of the tomatoes in the top ten were black or purple tomatoes. 6 were yellow and only 1 red tomato in the top ten. (Remember there were some ties which is why we have more then 10)

Many of the rest of the tomatoes were red which is interesting as most of us like to use red tomatoes for sauce where cooking brings out the flavors but don’t like to use other colors for sauce.

I think if I had had the contest 2 weeks ago before the rain, the results may have been very different but still feel the black tomatoes would have outshine the rest. Can you tell I’m partial?!

Thanks to all for helping out with the tasting and grading!




1st place-Paul Robeson-black tomato

2nd place-Indigo Apple-black tomato

3rd place-Brandy Boy-black tomato

4th place-Black and Brown Boar-black tomato

4th place-Big Sungold Select-yellow cherry tomato

5th place-Cherokee Purple-black tomato

5th place-Southern Nites-black tomato

6th place-Sungold-yellow cherry tomato

7th place-Juane Flamme-orange tomato

8th place-Ananas Noire-green/black tomato

8th place-Virginia Sweet-yellow tomato

8th place- Porkchop-yellow tomato

9th place-Galon De Melon-yellow cherry tomato

10th place-Bloody Butcher-red tomato


11th place-Marmande-red tomato

12th place-Big Zac-red tomato

13th place-Costoluto Genevese-red tomato

14th place-Pantano Romanesco-red tomato

14th place-Green Grape-green cherry tomato

15th place-Cour Di Bue-red tomato

15th place-Gold Medal-yellow tomato

16th place-Orange Wellington-orange tomato

3 comments on “Tomato Tasting Contest

  1. Mody says:

    – Sorry about your green tomatoes they do need a lot of hot shisunne! My first tomatoes this year were red, but tasted of nothing because July had been so unseasonably cool!


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