July 7, 2013—1.25 inches of rain! Woo Hoo!!

RAIN-July 2011

The storm today must have been like the one above we got in July 2011

We have a terrible drought going on for the last 3 years here in Santa Fe. Came home from a movie this evening to discover in my rain gauge, we got 1.25 inches of rain! Many little rivulets in the driveway and the arroyo we cross to get to the house had been flowing. Of course this is huge news considering we haven’t had any appreciable rain in months and months and months. I wish I had been here to see it come down! Gonna turn off all the drip system for a few days! YEA!!!

Anyone else get any appreciable rain today?

7 comments on “July 7, 2013—1.25 inches of rain! Woo Hoo!!

  1. No rain at the hospital or in the rail yard district. I am glad to hear that someone got rain though. Every drop counts.


  2. gene solyntjes says:


    I am quite happy to hear you got rain in S FE. Last week we got rain and four inches of hail, effectively destroying all our outside crops. Viewing the devastation, a neighbor did hold out some hope and it would be nice to see some of the plants survive.The tomatoes were particularly hard hit since due to the extreme heat we have experienced I had removed the walls o water previously. I must say those 23 plants were looking pretty good prior to this storm. The decision to place my Dahlias in an area enclosed by Junipers and behind a rabbit proof fence lessened the hail’s impact and they are battered but have survived. The greenhouse withstood the hail and everything is still growing in there. I note the potatoes and tomatoes were easily twice as large as those grown outside prior to the storm.

    Good Luck on the rest of this growing season.

    Gene S.


    • Hi Gene-
      Leave your tomatoes in-they might recover. I totally mangled one tomato plant breaking off the top and there was hardly any leaves on the lower limbs a month ago and the suckers took over and now it looks better than ever producing blooms.


  3. Jill Foster says:

    Yahoo! Here close to the K-Mart store we got just a tiny sprinkle. Did not register in the rain gauge, but it sure smells good this morning.


  4. Fran says:

    No rain in the Aldea area, but at least it’s raining somewhere in New Mexico


  5. Bill says:

    I sure wish we could send some of our rain your way. It’s been raining here in southern Virginia (and much of the east and south) for months, very seriously damaging some of our crops and messing up our planting.

    Last year we were in the midst of the worst drought in 60 years. Just crazy.

    Glad you got the rain and hope you get all you need this year.


  6. Jay says:

    I am glad to hear that New Mexico has been getting some rain. Here in Tucson we see many of the big storm clouds in the east – towards New Mexico’s – but we hardly ever see them here. Tis the season though and we’ll just keep hoping for more.


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